New Country Homes are insured and underwritten by Lloyds of London via Incorporated Insurance Group


At New Country Homes, we do not leave nothing to chance.

Taking into consideration that construction technologies are advancing very quickly that also means that new risks will present themselves. Whilst New Country Homes will always make every conceivable effort to ensure that risks are being managed on a daily bases through risk assessments, ensuring that method statements are strictly being adhered too.

It is worth noting that whilst health and safety is a number one priority in the company sometimes the unexpected can happen that is why NCH have ensured that our insurance meets these demands to mitigate any unforeseen circumstances

A breakdown of our cover is reflected below:

* Public Liability £10,000,000

* Product Liability £10,000,000

* Employers Liability £10,000,000

* Indemnity Cover £250,000

A copy of our insurance is available upon request by emailing